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Are you getting the best value from your life insurance provider?

We have partnered with Save On Life, an independent broker that can help you to find the right life insurance option. Save On Life build the cover you need around you - expert help and no pushy sales.

Save On Life search the best deals from providers including Aviva, Royal London, Legal & General, Vitality Life and AIG so click below to get a free quote from the UK’s leading insurers in just seconds.

Save On Life’s independent service is free of charge. With their Best Price Promise you never pay more then you need to, and they promise to beat any like-for-like quote from your bank, financial advisor or quotes direct from a provider within 30 days.


Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is usually taken out to provide money for your family if you or your partner were to die. We think it is something every parent, partner, or person with a dependent ought to have a long hard think about buying.

If you have dependents, such as a partner or kids or anyone else who relies on you being around to bring home the bacon then you ought to think about what would happen to them financially if you died.

If the answer is that they would be fine financially then you may not need a policy. But if paying bills, the mortgage, school fees, holidays, food, shopping and more would be a struggle, then this might be a cheap way to solve some of those problems.

How much cover do I need?

Here are some things you should think about when you are trying to decide:

The amount that is paid out if you die should cover:

  • Any outstanding debts that would need to be paid off, especially a mortgage if there would be no other way of paying it.
  • Any immediate outgoings your dependents would need to pay whilst they adjust to your income not being there.
  • Any future spending you would have wanted to make, e.g., university fees for the kids or the cost of a wedding.
  • Any additional expenses because of a death, such as funeral costs or inheritance tax. do not charge customers for this service. If you choose to sign-up to a new life insurance product, our partner is paid commission from the insurance provider. Our partner then pays a percentage of that commission.

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