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About ismybillfair

Why did we create ismybillfair?

We created ismybillfair to help people pay a fairer price for household bills without having to change provider – although if you really want to switch we do that too.

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We started ismybillfair because we know some brands charge people different prices for the same service and that’s not fair. Think of it like this. If you went shopping with a friend and bought exactly the same stuff from Tesco, got to the checkout and your bill was £40 more than your friends’ you would be shocked and you’d have every right to call Tesco to account. Well, this is exactly what is happening every day. Sky, Virgin Media, Vodafone, O2, British Gas, Scottish Power and many other big businesses are charging people different prices for the same services.

From talking to thousands of people up and down the country, we also know most don’t want to go through the hassle and uncertainty of switching providers, nor do they have the time. What people really want is to stay with their provider but know they’re paying a fair price. This is exactly what ismybillfair looks to do.

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Is your bill fair?