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ismybillfair's unique Priceometer shows how your bill compares to the bills of other people who have the same provider, energy region and estimated usage as you. It's people powered, showing you actual prices that people living near you tell us they are paying for the same options you selected. To show you this information we need a few people just like you to have entered their details before you. If that has not happened yet we will show you the highest and lowest tariff's available today for the same estimated usage, not your actual usage. Your direct debit may not reflect your current usage.

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We take your data very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and our data policy and security meets all European law so rest assured it will not be used by any other 3rd Parties.

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When a provider agrees to work with us they use this information to find you on their system and offer you a fairer price. We also need it to show you the best available deals today.

We need this information to tell other people if their bill is fair and to find you the best available deals where you live.

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