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Breakdown Cover. Is your's fair?

Breakdown cover. Is your’s fair?

Breakdown and recovery policies are big business. There are 37 million vehicles on the UK roads of which nearly 31 million are cars. We have found that the range of prices charged for the same service is vast. Some people are playing three times what a new customer would pay for the exact same cover.

Are you one of them? Have you noticed your breakdown deal cost creeping up? Well if you have been with your breakdown company for a few years then you probably are. Every year you get an annual renewal which will mean a further price increase. We keep saying it but you should ask for a reward for your loyalty by challenging your breakdown company for a fairer deal.

Breakdown firms do not want to lose you to a competitor

All you have to do is call their bluff and ask them politely for a better deal using our simple process. Enter your name, your email and your address and wait for them to give you a call. If they don’t give you a deal that you think is fair then you can always use our other service to switch to cheap new deal.

5 Tips to get the best breakdown deal

Make sure you are only paying for the cover you need

There are lots of different levels of cover so you should think about your needs and get the right cover for the sort of problems you might encounter. The top five reasons cars breakdown are;

  1. Flat or faulty battery
  2. Lost keys
  3. Damaged tyres and wheels
  4. Alternator faults
  5. Starter motor

The most basic cover typically fixes your vehicle at the roadside. So if you typically drive locally, you know how to change your own flat tyre and you have a new car then you are unlikely to need more than this.

But you can layer on cover for if your car won’t start at home or cover for a hotel/hire car if you break down a long way from home.

If you get a new car, get a new deal

A new car is much less likely to breakdown. The breakdown companies know this, but they won’t make your deal cheaper unless you challenge them to do it. Take 60 seconds and we can do it on your behalf

Personal cover

If you drive lots of different vehicles then you would benefit from having personal cover instead of covering all the vehicles. If you only drive one car then you should just cover that car as it will be cheaper for you.

Family cover

It almost always works out cheaper to get a policy that covers all the cars or people in the family instead of getting one each. This rule applies to most insurance.

European cover

If you only drive in Europe once a year then it will usually be cheaper to get the cover added for a couple of weeks instead of getting full cover for the whole year.

Similarly, you should check if you are paying for cover that you aren’t going to use if you now plan to holiday in the Seychelles with all the money you saved thanks to

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Is your bill fair?