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Choosing a smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile phone that runs off a mobile operating system and functions like a mini computer.

Smartphones are multi-functional devices which can be used as a portable media player, a web browser, camera, video camera and a navigational device. Other smartphone features include: large download storage space, long battery life, micro SD slots and HD displays.

What smart phone is right for me?

When shopping around for a smartphone, first you want to choose an operating system and then prioritise your own features such as: camera, battery life or price.

Your choice of operating system depends on what you plan to use the smartphone for. For example: If your looking at buying a smartphone for business use, you may want to consider a BlackBerry. Blackberry’s have been built for productivity, they combine an excellent keyboard with long battery life, a durable design and great security. They offer secure push email support that automatically updates and notifies you of new messages.

What smart phone is right for me?

On the other hand if you’re looking at buying a smartphone for photography use, then you’ll want to look at buying one of the latest Samsung or Iphones.

If you prioritise battery life over anything else then you’ll certainly want to have a look at Blackberry, Samsung or Huawei devices.

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Smartphone apps

Apps, short for applications, just as the programs on your computer range from word processors to games, apps come in all types. This could be games, calendars, social media, organisers - the possibilities are endless.

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Built In apps

To make sure a smartphone grabs your attention right from the start, manufacturers build in a range of apps. Although the exact apps vary from phone to phone, the basics almost always include apps for, checking emails, an app to browse the internet such as Google or Safari, an app for taking notes and others. The most distinctive difference from other apps is that you can't delete most built-in apps, which unfortunately sometimes means you end up with less space then you expected.

Smartphone apps

Downloaded apps

In order to download apps users can visit the online software store available for their specific operating system. Apple and Android’s App Stores offer hundreds of titles. Despite the term "store," many apps are completely free, and even paid apps often have trial versions.

Smartphone Updates

Smartphone software and app updates are designed to fix problems found in the software or to add great new features. You’ll often receive a prompt on your smartphone to inform you that a software or app is ready to be updated. However, sometimes smartphones will have automatic updates. Automatic updates allow you to keep your software programs updated without having to check for and install available updates manually. Apple usually sends out one new update each year for the iPhone whereas Android often put out several new updates every year.

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