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Switching Broadband Supplier


The process of changing your broadband provider has never been easier.

If you're switching between providers who use the same Openreach telecoms network (such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, NOW, EE and Plusnet) the new provider will arrange the whole transfer for you and it should be straightforward. They'll let your current provider know that you want to move and you'll then be sent notification letters (from your current and new providers) confirming what's happening and when the transfer should take place.

If you're switching to or from a cable network, such as Virgin Media, you'll need to contact your current provider to cancel your service as well as starting a new one with the new provider (this is sometimes known as 'cease and re-provide'). You'll then receive notification from your current provider that your contract is ending and will be given a new contract from your new provider which will tell you when your contract is due to start.

While switching times vary depending on the type of package, it shouldn’t usually take more than 10 working days. However this could be a little longer if you don’t currently have a phone line, as an engineer will need to come out and install one for you.