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Why Should I Switch Broadband Supplier?

Switching Broadband - Our Top Tips on why to switch & how to get started

If you’re a loyal long term customer, you might not realise you could be paying more than double what others are paying for the same broadband, TV or phone package. Our data shows that 8 out of 10 broadband customers are being overcharged by companies like BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

This is as a result of unscrupulous pricing behaviour over the course of many years within these industries. If you want to learn all about how they do it then read our blog on The Loyalty Ripoff. You can also click here to hear us interviewed about how this happens on BBC Radio 4.

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Why Should I Switch Broadband Supplier?

Switching broadband has never been easier, but what are the main benefits to you?

Essentially, there are four main reasons to switch your broadband provider, these are: reduced costs, improve download and upload speeds, gaining access to additional services like TV and improved customer service. Whatever the reason may be, switching broadband is becoming increasingly simple.

How does switching Broadband work? - Ofcom advice and rules

Ofcom say that it has never been easier to switch your broadband. The process to follow depends on which new provider you’re switching to, and the kind of broadband connection you currently have. Remember that Ofcom rules mean you can leave your provider without paying any penalty if you’re not getting the broadband speeds you were promised. You can read more about in our blog here, or on the Ofcom site here.

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