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Want to get a fairer deal from Virgin Media?

Follow our step by step guide to negotiating a fairer deal.

Firstly it is important to understand whether you are paying too much to Virgin Media and you ought to do something about it. Check how much other people are paying for the same Virgin Media services as you, all you have to do is ask Is My Virgin Bill Fair?

1. Be prepared and gather the right information

2. Call Virgin Media and get through to the right team

Call 0345 454 1111 and follow the menu to speak to the Retention team. When the agent asks what your call is about, explain how: -

  1. You know that you are paying more than new customers and you’d like to be rewarded for being a loyal customer
  2. You want to get a fairer price for your services
  3. If you aren’t already, ask to speak to the Retention team – this team has the power to give you a fairer deal. You’ll probably need to say that you’re thinking of leaving Virgin Media to unlock the best deals.

3. Explain your situation and start negotiating

Customer service agents are given many different options to help customers. They often have to grapple with clunky computer systems, too. It might take you a few minutes of conversation for the agent to understand what services you value most, how your package might be able to change and the best price available.

The discount offered to you might be small at first and you don’t have to accept the first offer. In fact, we’d recommend you didn’t! If you’d like to keep on negotiating, helpful angles include: -

"I've worked out my budget, and my absolute max is £[insert price here]/mth."

"[BT/SKY/TalkTalk] can do it for less."

"I need to think about it."

"It's still a lot of money."

"What's the very best you can do?"

4. If you’re not satisfied with what has been offered…

Check my Virgin Media bill