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What is your main type of heating?

  • Gas Central Heating

  • Electricity

  • Economy 7 Electricity

  • Other


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  • Poor

  • Average

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  • Direct debit

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  • Prepayment meter

The quote will be like-for-like using your current payment method. Other methods of payment are available. Please visit your E.ON self-serve account if you want to change how you pay.


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ismybillfair works by comparing your deal to the thousands of others who visited before you. So to make sure we give you an accurate reading, it's important you give us accurate information. If you can't remember how much you pay, try looking at a recent bank statement or dig out a recent bill.

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Meet the ismybillfair-ometer. It compares the price you pay for your energy to all of the prices that other customers are paying your supplier. Although some people might be paying less than you, those cheaper deals are simply no longer available. In this time of fast rising prices, we recommend looking at the best fixed long term offer with your supplier to help avoid the impact of the price rises to come.

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Are your bills fair? We work with UK suppliers to offer fairer bills to their loyal customers.

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Are your bills fair? We work with UK suppliers to offer fairer bills to their loyal customers.

Are your bills fair? We work with UK suppliers to offer fairer bills to their loyal customers.