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UK energy costs are at a record high, meaning rising bills. In a few easy questions, see where you stand and if you can save money in the long term.

Who's your energy with today?

What does your bill cover?

  • Gas & Electricity

  • Gas

  • Electricity


What size home do you have?

  • Small

    A flat or small house

  • Medium

    A mid sized house or bungalow

  • Large

    A large or detached house


How many bedrooms?

  • 1-2 Bedrooms

  • 3-4 Bedrooms

  • 5+ Bedrooms


How many people live in your home?

  • 1-2 people

  • 3-4 people

  • 5+ people


What is your main type of heating?

  • Gas Central Heating

  • Electric Heating

  • Economy 7 Electricity

  • Other


What quality of insulation do you have?

  • Poor

  • Average

  • Good


How much energy do you typically use?

  • Cool / Low usage

  • Warm / Average usage

  • Tropical / High usage


What is your postcode?

Energy costs differ depending on where you live

(Your postcode will remain confidential)


How do you pay for your energy?

  • Direct debit

  • Pay on receipt of bill

  • Prepayment meter

The quote will be like-for-like using your current payment method. Other methods of payment are available. Please visit your E.ON self-serve account if you want to change how you pay.


What is your tariff?


How many months are remaining on your current tariff?

If you don’t know your current tariff an estimate will be provided using the Energy Plan tariff (standard variable tariff).

Have you moved to the Standard Variable Tariff recently, due to the energy crisis?


What is most important to you in a new tariff?

Tariff info text.


ismybillfair works by comparing your deal to the thousands of others who visited before you. So to make sure we give you an accurate reading, it's important you give us accurate information. If you can't remember how much you pay, try looking at a recent bank statement or dig out a recent bill.

How much do you pay per month?


Or enter your actual usage

Or enter your typical bill


Meet the ismybillfair-ometer. It compares the price you pay for your energy to all of the prices that thousands of other customers are paying your supplier. Although some people might be paying less than you, energy bills will rise dramatically in the next few months so cheaper deals are simply not going to be available. In this market of rising prices, we recommend looking for the best fixed long term offer with your supplier to help reduce the impact of the price rises to come.

How your price compares to customers


offer the same tv package for:

offer the same broadband package for:

Dear [supplier],

My name is [name] and I am a disappointed customer of yours. [vulnerablepara]

I now know I am paying more than others for the services you provide and I would like a fairer deal. I have just used and seen that I'm paying more than other people receiving similar services. I have authorised to send this email on my behalf and to keep me copied in.

Please will you contact me within the next 48 hours to discuss a fairer deal by either replying to this email or calling me using the contact details you have for my account. [emailpara]

To help you find my account on your database, my postal address is at; [address]

I look forward to hearing from you.


Companies work with us because they want to keep their customers happy and give them the best deals.

If your supplier works with us, they will contact you to reduce your bill. The difference between their standard and their best deal can be hundreds of pounds a year. Otherwise we will show you a great deal from their competitors so you can switch. We also use your email to keep you updated.

Unfortunately your provider is one of the few who don't yet work with us to offer fairer deals to loyal customers. We still want to give you the chance to get a better deal so we have chosen a similar company that offers both great value and great services.

If you enter your details here, we will ask that company to call you and offer you a better deal. By entering your details you are not signing up to a new deal at this stage, you are simply asking us to contact you and offer you a great new deal.

We take your data privacy very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and our data policy and security meets all European law.


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