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When Can I Switch My Broadband Supplier?

When can I switch my Broadband supplier?

First check whether the term of your current Broadband contract has expired (this is more than likely to have been 12-18 months). If it has then you are free to change provider.

If you're still within contract, you can still switch, but there is likely to be a cancellation fee, which could be big. However, your provider will want to keep you happy, so even if you are still within contract you can always click Stay and see if your provider will offer you a better deal. You’ve got nothing to lose.

However, if your provider increases or has increased the price of the monthly subscription you agreed when you signed up, you should be free to leave without any penalty.

Can I ask my provider for a better deal if i'm still in contract with them?

Yes. Even if you are still in contract with your current provider, you can always click on STAY and ask for a fairer price. We will still challenge on your behalf because whilst providers may not be legally obliged to offer you a better deal under your contract, none of them want to have unhappy customers and they will quite often act to reduce the risk of losing you as a customer later on.

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