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How We Help You Pay A Fairer Price For Your Phone

Step 1 – We show you where you stand

Answer a few simple questions and we can show you how the price you pay compares to what other people pay - for the same service or package from the same company. We do this by checking your price against the prices paid by people who have previously used the site - finally exposing how prices really compare. Our people-powered service is completely free and it takes just 60 seconds to see how your price compares, without having to share any personal data.

Step 2 – We will try to get you a fairer deal with your provider

If you check your price and see you are getting a good deal compared to others then you can now continue using that service confident that you aren't getting ripped off. But if you see that you're not getting a fair price, then we can help:

If your provider is already a partner of ours, we will work with them to offer you a fairer price for staying with them, rather than switching away - either online, or by getting them to call you. This is a unique service but is proving really popular - in research, 79% of people agreed "I would prefer to get a better deal from my existing provider rather than having to switch"

Step 3 – If you want to leave we can help you switch

If we can't help you get a fairer price from your existing provider, we'll help you switch to get a fairer price elsewhere.

ismybillfair have teamed up with a number of partners to provide you some great switching options. Switching providers is quite simple and can save you a lot of money quickly and painlessly. Many people who have never switched before could save hundreds of pounds a year. If you decide that you want to switch your mobile phone or SIM provider then you should read our guide to Phone Switching. If you see a better deal, it’s easy and usually takes less than 5 minutes to switch.

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