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How we help you pay a fairer price for your Phone

There are 4 simple steps:

Step 1 – We show you how your bill compares to others

ismybillfair is powered by people. Thousands of users have already told us what services they're getting and how much they're paying. By analysing this data we're able to check your price against everyone else’s. Our unique Priceometer will show you if you're getting ripped off or if you are on the deal of the century.

Step 2 – We will try to get you a fairer deal with your provider

If you ask us to, we contact your provider on your behalf either by email or a data link (depending on which option your provider has chosen). We then encourage your provider to review your deal and contact you to offer you a better deal. This might mean a better price or perhaps some additional services for the same monthly cost.

Save money on your SIM

Step 3 – We give you the tools to negotiate

If you don’t want to wait to hear from your provider or if they fail to contact you, we give you the tools to arm you for a successful negotiation. These tools include:

Step 4 – We help you get a fairer deal with another provider

If at any time you decide you want to switch from your Current Supplier we can show you the best tariffs available and how much you could save by switching to each one. We work in partnership with uSwitch who have great deals in place with the leading industry providers, including online exclusives. Switching providers is quite simple and can save you a lot of money quickly and painlessly. Many people who have never switched before could save hundreds of pounds a year. If you decide that you want to switch your mobile phone or SIM provider then you should read our guide to Phone Switching.

Switching your mobile SIM

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Is your bill fair?