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How to Switch Broadband, Phone or TV Supplier

We know that most people do not want to switch their provider, they just want a fair deal from the provider they have.

However, if there is a good reason you have for switching or you have just had enough of being ripped off by the company you trusted then you will be happy to hear that the process of changing your broadband, home phone and TV provider has never been easier.

Most of the broadband providers in the UK use the same Openreach telecoms network, so they use the same copper wire coming in to your building and will provide almost identical broadband speed. If you're switching between providers who use this network (such as BT Broadband, Sky broadband, TalkTalk, Vodafone, NOW, EE and Plusnet) the new provider will arrange the whole transfer for you and it should be really straightforward. They'll let your current provider know that you want to move and you'll then be sent notification letters (from your current and new providers) confirming what's happening and when the transfer should take place.

Switching Broadband Supplier

If you're switching to or from a cable network, such as Virgin Media, you'll need to contact your current provider to cancel your service as well as starting a new one with the new provider (this is sometimes known as 'cease and re-provide'). You'll then receive notification from your current provider that your contract is ending and then you will be given a new contract from your new provider which will tell you when your service is due to start. With a cable network you are much more likely to have disruption at your home because the new provider may need to run a cable in to your property from the street, drill a hole in your property and connect up the router or TV box for you. Be prepared to have to wait at home for a bit and keep an eye on the work that is done to make sure you are satisfied with it.

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While switching times vary depending on the type of package, it shouldn’t usually take more than 10 working days. However this could be a little longer if you don’t currently have a phone line at all coming to your property, as an engineer will need to come out and install one for you.

When can I switch my Broadband supplier?

The answer is "anytime you like" but it is important to understand what could happen.

First check whether the term of your current Broadband contract has expired (this is more than likely to have been 12-18 months). If it has then you are free to change provider whenever you like with no penalties whatsoever.

If you're still within contract, you can still switch, but there is likely to be a cancellation fee so you had better call up your provider and find out. However, your provider will want to keep you happy and keep you if they possibly can, so even if you are still within contract you can always use our service to challenge your provider to give you a fairer deal. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

However, if your provider increases or has increased the price of the monthly subscription you agreed when you signed up, you should be free to leave without any penalty because they have broken the original contract with you.

Can I ask my provider for a better deal if i'm still in contract with them?

Yes. Even if you are still in contract with your current provider, you can always click on STAY and ask for a fairer price. We will still challenge on your behalf because whilst providers may not be legally obliged to offer you a better deal under your contract, none of them want to have unhappy customers and they will quite often act to reduce the risk of losing you as a customer later on.

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