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7 June 2018

Families face a kick in the finances with a series of price rises taking affect.

Increases will hit household outgoings from broadband and medicines to council tax and passport renewals. Today we look at whats going up - and find ways to claw back some savings.

Alex Perrin of money-saving website, said

" Consumers shouldn't underestimate the impact the little price rises here and there can make"

While some price rises are unavoidable, It is important to fight battles you can win. Alex explains:

"When it comes to suppliers, the power really is in your hands. Don't sit back and watch your spate cash diminish just because your phone firm or energy provider whacks up your bills. Fight back. Ask them for a better deal or switch."

TV Licence ( April 1st): From tomorrow your colour TV licence will cost £150.50, up £3.50. Don't worry if you started a payment plan before April 1st, you'll continue to pay £147 until renewal.
Remedy: You don't need it if you use Netflixs, Amazon, or Now Tv. Netflixs starts at £5.99 a month or £71.88 a year, saving you more than half the cost of a TV licence.

Water Bills (From April 1st): A typical bill will rise by £9 to £405 a year through it depends where you live. Hardest hit are homes in the North West, with a rise of £18.
Remedy: Website analyses water use and gives advice on how to cut your bill or apply for a free water-saving gadgets from your council.

NHS Prescriptions ( April 1st): Up 20p to £8.80 per medicine in England. There is no change to the price of prescription prepayment certificates (PPC), which allow you to get as much medicine as you need in a set period at a fixed price.
Remedy: For those who need two or more medicines a month, getting a PPC is a no-brainer. You could save up to £300 a year with a 12-month one which is £104.

Council Tax (April 1st): Nearly all local authorities will be increasing council tact, adding £100 or more to the average bill.
Remedy: If you are struggling, check with your council to see if you can get money off.

Mobile/Broadband (ongoing): A number of telecoms firms are pushing up costs this year. Sky customers on it Broadband Unlimited Fibre (25GB capped), Fibre Lite and Connect pay an extra £1.01 a month from Monday. Sky landline calls cost to go from 12.54p to 14.65p a minute. Millions of EE, O2, Three and Vodafone customers will see the price of their contract increase by around 4% by May.
Remedy: Haggle for a better deal. You can call up for yourself having first checked what others are paying on

Energy (Several firms are raising tariff costs): E.ON customers face various rises because the supplier is scrapping a number of discounts in April. The £20-a-year-deal-fuel reduction is one of those going.

From April 28th, Bulb will crank up prices by 2.8% around £24 a year for a typical customer. iSupply has already increased bills by 7.5% for dual-fuel customers adding £76 to the average bill.
Remedy: If you're not on a fixed tariff, search a price-comparison site for a cheaper deal.

Stamps (Already up): Postage has increased by 2p. First Class stamps are now 67p a second class 58p. Sending a signed for letter first class id now £1.77 or £1.68 for second class.
Remedy: Go paperless where you can and use email instead.

Passport Renewal: Until last Thursday, renewing a passport cost, £72.50 - whether by post or online. Now the postal service is up £12.50, taking an adult passport to £85 and a kids one to £58.50. Online renewals are up £3 to £75/50 for adults and £49 for children.
Remedy: With another increase due next year, get your renewal in early - nine months can be transferred to your new passport

Is your bill fair?

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