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9 April 2018

Overpaying for your Broadband, Home Phone, TV?

ismybillfair can show you in around 60 seconds if you are overpaying for your internet, home phone, and TV.

Through our broadband checker, we’ve found out that you can end up paying more than twice as much as you ought to for broadband, TV, and home phone as companies take advantage of your loyalty. Many long-standing customers preferring not to switch providers are being taken advantage of and are not on the best broadband deal.

With ismybillfair, you can compare what you’re paying with other people on the same service from the same company. If you’re unhappy with your BT, Virgin or Sky broadband deal bill once compared, you can simply have us ask your supplier for a fairer deal. This can help bring your bills down without the need to switch.

Woman watching TV, eating popcorn and holding remote control.

Our researchers have looked in detail at the results from customers who’ve used our service to compare their broadband bill.

We’ve found that the average monthly bill for people with BT broadband and phone is £52. Some of you are paying as little as £30, while others more than three times as much at £100 — a shocking £70 difference each month. This would be especially galling if you aren't happy with your BT broadband speed (Check out our page on broadband speed tests). Similarly, we’re seeing people paying £54 at the lower end for their Sky Broadband, home phone, and full TV (0-30mbps) bundle while the upper pricepoint is more than double at £116 each month. We want to be highlighting these differences to support you in getting the very best deal from your providers without the need to switch.

TalkTalk Broadband deals seem to be lower than those from other providers on average whilst those customers with Virgin broadband deals ought to be careful that their bill has not crept up as in some cases we have seen their highest bills double that of the lowest bills reported.

Table demonstrating broadband, and home phone price comparisons and disparities for TalkTalk and BT. Also showing disparities for broadband, home phone, and TV packages with Virgin Media and Sky.

The Telegraph challenged suppliers as part of their research. They reported,

“TalkTalk said it was “committed” to providing current and prospective customers with the best deals. Three said the prices it charges for different products vary over time depending on market conditions. BT and EE declined to comment.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said its deals can vary in price depending on the service, and some may include discounts for a limited period of time. He said customers can also get in touch at the end of their contract to check they’re on the best plan.

Sky said the survey “misrepresents the flexibility and choice” offered to customers.”

ismybillfair isn’t just for broadband. We also cover services including energy, mobile phones, car breakdown and boiler cover.

How do I use ismybillfair?

  1. Go to Check my bills.
  2. Choose a bill type and your supplier.
  3. Clarify the details of your service — such as broadband speed or energy usage — and say what you pay.
  4. Our Priceometer will then show you how your bills compare to others, revealing the average amount paid as well as the lowest and highest bills being received by your fellow users.
  5. If you’re unhappy with the outcome, you can choose for us to try and secure you a fairer deal to stay with your supplier, look at switch options, or both.

The accuracy of the package details entered by our customers is key to our service. We have several measures in place to check it and prevent people entering the wrong details. We even get photos of our customers’ bills, so you can be confident that the figures you see are accurate.

Four fifths of you would rather get a better deal from their current provider than switch to a rival company. Less of you have the confidence to contact your provider and haggle, which is where we come in.

Alex Perrin, one of our Directors, says;

“For the first time, we are giving consumers another option. Many don’t want to switch — they just want a fairer deal from their existing provider. Through, we will challenge providers to do exactly that. We want them to charge fair prices to all customers on the same package.
Most providers only find out customers want to switch when they’ve already left. Offering providers the chance to retain these people could save millions of pounds every year.”

Is your bill fair?

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