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Virgin Media Bills

Have you ever wondered 'Is my Virgin bill fair?'

Many loyal customers of Virgin Media are charged much more than new customers who have just joined. Now for the first time you can quickly check whether you are being overcharged.

Check my Virgin bill

Why is your Virgin bill higher than others?

The amount you pay for your Virgin Media TV or Virgin Media broadband often depends on how loyal you’ve been to Virgin. If you joined on a cheap offer then after a time you could have been moved up to a higher “Standard Tariff” and then you could have had ten years of price hikes added to your bill. At the same time, services that might have been premium when you signed up are now being given away to new Virgin customers for free. This is called the loyalty penalty and 8 out of 10 people are overpaying as a result.

Switching provider isn’t the answer either, most people don’t want to switch, they just want a better deal - that’s where comes in.

How can ismybillfair help you with your Virgin account?

We help you to check your Virgin bill. In just 60 seconds we show you how your Virgin bill compares to what other people pay them for a similar package. If you find out that you aren’t getting a fair deal, we can ask Virgin to give you a fairer deal for staying with them or help you switch. We have helped thousands of Virgin customers to get a fair deal. Best of all, this service is completely free.

Is your bill fair? Check my Virgin bill

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Here's what we like about Virgin Media

  • Virgin Media have their own fibre optic broadband network
  • Very comprehensive bundles, some of which can save you a lot of money
  • Good introductory deals all year round
  • Virgin Media Broadband is the fastest broadband around, if you can get it in your area it can be up to 362mb
  • All Virgin Media Home Phone packages have free weekend calls to other landlines in the UK as standard
  • They offer deals on their Virgin Mobile network to all subscribers
  • Virgin media TV Packages tend to be very flexible indeed so you can get exactly what you want
  • Broadband can come without a line rental for a home phone
  • Good sports coverage

Here's what we don't like so much about Virgin Media

  • Broadband can slow down at peak times as they manage the traffic on their network
  • They are not the cheapest and our data shows that they charge some of the highest loyalty penalty's around
  • They have the fastest broadband and they know it. If you need very fast data then be prepared for lots of price rises!
  • Their customer retention teams can be hard to get hold of and often seem happier to let you leave than to offer you a fair deal
  • Installation can be costly and some customers report problems with damage to their property from the installation contractors
  • Confusing pricing and options makes it hard for some people to work out what they are paying for

How does ismybillfair work?

We show you what other people are paying for the same services that you have. We take care to keep this information accurate so that you can trust what you see. Then we can usually offer you a much better deal if you are interested. We have helped tens of thousands of UK customers, many of whom have had hundreds of pounds a year slashed from their bill.

How much does it cost?

Our service is 100% free. No fees whatsoever, and your data is completely safe.

Has anyone done this before?

Over 500,000 people have used our service since we launched it in 2018. We can help you check and challenge your broadband, mobile phone, energy, insurance and even your breakdown bills.

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