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How To Negotiate With E.ON

Want to get a fairer deal from E.ON?

We'll stop you being overcharged!

Follow our step by step guide to negotiate a fairer deal.

Firstly it is important to understand whether you are one of the majority of customers overcharged by E.ON and whether you ought to do something about it. Check how much other people are paying by clicking to find out Is My E.ON Bill Fair?.

Some loyal E.ON customers have told us they pay over 25% a month more then new customers. That's hundreds of £'s a year that they could save. E.ON are constantly increasing the bills of their loyal customers. We help customers to share what they are paying, and it shows some shocking levels of overcharging across the industry.

1. Be prepared

  • Before you do anything, gather your current package and bill information together if you can find it. If not, the most important thing to know is how much you are paying each month.
  • Know your package
    • What do you pay for? Electricity, Gas or both? Most customers pay for both with the same supplier which is called 'dual fuel'. If you pay two companies then you will probably save money by consolidating.
    • Check what other people are paying E.ON using our website so you know how much you are overpaying.
  • If you can, find out whether you are still in a contract. This information should be on the original contract you signed, or check in your online E.ON account. If you are still in contract, don’t be fooled in to thinking they can’t renegotiate your package, of course they can if they want you to stay!
  • Customers are also allowed to leave their supplier at any time, although with some suppliers you may incur an early cancellation fee if you are still in contract. You can see what your early cancellation fee is by looking at your monthly bill where it will be printed. Typically it is only about £30.
  • Are you willing to sign a new contract? Often the very best deals will require you to recommit to a new contract, so if you are happy to do this it can help to get the best discount. Think about how long you are willing to do this for – 12 months, 24 months etc

2. How to contact E.ON and make sure you are getting the best deal available.

  • E.ON do not want to lose you to one of their competitors. They want to stop their customers switching by keeping them happy and paying a great deal.
  • That's why E.ON decided to work with us, so that they can offer you a great new deal to stay with them.
  • Once you have checked your bill on ismybillfair, you will know whether you are paying E.ON more than other people for the same Gas and the same Electricity.
  • We will then transfer you through to E.ON's online service where you can log in and review the offers that E.ON want to make to you.
  • Simply select the best new tariff for you and you will start saving immediately.
  • It couldn't be more simple and we will also send you full instructions on how to do it.

3. On the Phone, you don’t have to accept the first offer!

If you would prefer to call E.On then you can speak to a Customer Service agent by calling 0345 052 0000. Remember that the agents may have been given different tariff options that they can offer you, and you want to get the best one that they have to offer. Don’t feel pressured to say yes there and then to the first tariff, ask if there is a better deal available today. If you need time to think about it, tell the agent this and arrange a convenient time for them to call back. If you aren’t happy with the response, you can always ask to speak to a manager.

If you are still not happy, then one tactic is to end the call and call back later. You are likely to speak to a different person, who may be more understanding of your situation.

4. If you are unhappy with E.ON's response

  • If you do not feel like you have been treated fairly or appropriately, follow their complaint process. As an Energy provider, E.ON are tightly regulated by the Energy watchdog OFGEM who make sure that your rights are protected.
  • You won't be alone! E.ON received nearly 87000 complaints in the first three months of 2020. But the good news is that over 90% of these were resolved within 8 weeks.
  • The first step is to review the information for E.ON complaints that they have provided here
  • If you are still not happy with E.ON then you can raise your complaint with the energy watchdog. Here is all the information that you will need.

5. If you have had enough of E.ON and you want to switch supplier

  • If you decide to switch away from E.ON, we recommend that you consider Octopus Energy
  • Octopus only provide renewable Electricity and have been voted as the UK's best Energy Supplier three years running by Which
  • Switching to octopus couldn't be easier as they handle everything for you.
  • Click here to get a Quick Quote from Octopus

E.ON Review

Here's some of the things we like about E.ON

E.ON are one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. As you would expect they have a good online service which you can use for all of your usual energy and bill interactions.

All household customers are supplied with 100% renewable electricity. However, most of their business customers are not.

Some of their best tariffs also include boiler cover which is a nice additional benefit.

In recent years E.ON have offered some very competitive prices which even undercut many of the new, low cost suppliers.

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