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How do I get a fairer deal with my current Boiler Cover provider?

We will attempt to do the hard work for you

1. We make your details available to your provider immediately in a secure and easy to use fashion.

2. We will attempt to persuade your provider to access your details and contact you to offer you a better deal. Some providers already do this but our ability to do this greatly improves if more people go through the ismybillfair process. It’s only through the power of people like you that we will persuade all providers to provide fairer pricing.

We give you the tools to get a fairer deal from your Supplier

1. Contact customer services and ask for the customer retention team within your Provider

2. Explain that you are unhappy with the price you are paying for your services after seeing the results of your Priceometer reading on Quote what you know other people are paying.

3. If the Provider tries to tell you those are only new customer deals then explain that you are considering leaving your Provider for one of their competitors who will give you a “New” customer price. (Remember you have not committed anything at this point so don’t panic if they call your bluff – simply tell them that you’ll have to think about it and will call back).

4. If you are really not happy then you can start the cancellation process. It’s not without risk and is possibly a scary prospect but the process usually takes 30 days and most providers will ring you in that period and offer you the best deal they can at that point.

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We’re about helping people pay a fairer price for household bills without having to change provider.

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